9 Benefits of Cashmere Suits

Cashmere isn’t used strictly in the production of sweaters and scarves. It’s used to make men’s suits as well. Over the past few years, cashmere suits have become increasingly popular. If you’re thinking about buying a new suit, you may want to consider going cashmere for the nine following reasons.

#1)  Soft

You probably won’t find a suit material that’s softer than cashmere. Consisting of the fur from cashmere and pashmina goats, it’s been used as a clothing textile for centuries. While cashmere costs more than other types of wool, it has a super-soft texture that’s simply not found elsewhere. As a result, you can rest assured knowing that a cashmere suit will keep you comfortable all day long. It won’t scratch your skin, nor will it cause other forms of discomfort. The soft properties of cashmere make it an excellent choice of material for a suit.

#2) Lightweight

In addition to being soft, cashmere suits are lightweight. Some people assume that all wool garments are heavy and, thus, are uncomfortable to wear for long periods. It’s true that certain types of wool garments can be heavy, but this doesn’t apply to those made of cashmere. Cashmere is actually lighter than most other types of wool, which is part of the reason why it’s so soft. Whether you’re planning to wear it for a few hours or multiple consecutive days, a cashmere suit won’t weigh you down.

#3) Wrinkle Resistant

While no type of suit is completely protected against wrinkles, cashmere suits are less likely to wrinkle than those made of other materials. Regardless of how long you wear it, a cashmere suit probably won’t any major wrinkles or creases. The soft and fine texture of cashmere naturally repels wrinkles. Granted, this doesn’t make cashmere suits immune to wrinkles. It does, however, mean that cashmere suits are less likely to develop wrinkles than suits made of other materials. And when a cashmere suit does develop wrinkles, they are typically smaller and less noticeable than those in other types of suits. If you’re tired of constantly discovering wrinkles on your favorite suit, perhaps a cashmere suit is the answer.

#4) Combo Styles Available

You might be surprised to learn that some cashmere suits are made of wool as well. In other words, they aren’t made entirely of cashmere. They contain a combination of cashmere and wool. The Cashmere Wool Flannel Jacket, for example, features both of these materials. The end result is a super-soft and equally comfortable suit jacket that’s ideal for the cold winter months. You don’t have to necessarily choose a combo style such as this, but it’s certainly worth considering if you’re looking for a warm winter jacket to wear.


#5) Hypoallergenic

A benefit of cashmere suits that’s often overlooked is their hypoallergenic properties. In case this is your first time hearing the term “hypoallergenic,” let me break it down for you: Basically, some materials are more likely to trigger skin allergies than others. Materials with a low risk of skin allergies are known as hypoallergenic. If you suffer from skin allergies, you may want to choose a cashmere suit for this reason. When worn, it won’t irritate your skin, nor should it trigger an allergic reaction. You can wear a cashmere suit all-day long without experiencing any negative effects with your skin.

#6) Better Warmth

Cashmere suits offer better warmth than suits made of other materials. When compared to conventional wool, for instance, cashmere offers nearly three times higher insulation value. What does this mean exactly? It means that a cashmere suit will trap more of your body’s heat, thereby keeping you comfortably warm even when it’s cold outside. If you live in a particularly cold region, you can bundle up by pairing your cashmere suit with a waistcoat. Waistcoats offer more than just aesthetics; they help to insulate your body while subsequently keeping you warm in cold weather.

#7) Easy to Maintain

While some people assume cashmere suits are difficult to maintain, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Because they are wrinkle resistant, they don’t require ironing before or after each use. Furthermore, you can often spot clean a cashmere suit instead of taking it to a local dryers. Blotting the stained or blemishes area of a cashmere suit with a damp washcloth should clean it. For more information on how to maintain your cashmere suit, check out the care tag. With that said, you’ll probably find that cashmere suits require less time, as well as work, to maintain that suits made of other materials.

#8) Custom Sizing

When you order a cashmere suit here at StudioSuits, you’ll have the option to specify your own size. You aren’t restricted to choosing a suit in generic or otherwise basic size measurements. Rather, you can tell us your exact body size, which we’ll use to create a custom-sized cashmere suit. It’s frustrating when you spend countless hours shopping at local retail stores in search of a suit, only to discover that none of the stores sell your size. The good news is that you can avoid this headache by ordering a cashmere suit from StudioSuits. When you place an order, you’ll have the option to include your body measurements. Upon receiving these measurements, we’ll use them to create the perfect cashmere suit that’s customized specifically for your body.

#9) High Value

Cashmere suits offer excellent value. For the reasons already mentioned, cashmere suits are always in high demand. And because they are sought after by so many fashion-conscious men, they tend to hold their value better than other types of suits. In the unlikely event that you want to resell your cashmere suit, you’ll be able to get top dollar for it. This is because cashmere suits are some of the most popular types of men’s suits on the market. With so many men eager to purchase and wear them, they hold their value better than other types of suits.