7 Things to Look for in Easy Pants

Are you struggling to find a comfortable pair of trousers? Many khakis, chinos and other trousers have a stiff texture. When worn for an extended period, they can cause discomfort. Fortunately, easy pants offer a solution. Easy pants are men’s trousers that are specifically designed to offer a superior level of comfort. They feature a soft and gentle texture that makes them “easy” to wear. This post reveals seven important things to look for when shopping for a pair of easy pants.

#1) Cotton Canvas Construction

Easy pants are available in different fabrics. With that said, cotton canvas is typically the way to go. You’ll experience a higher level of comfort when wearing easy pants made of cotton canvas than other fabrics.

What is cotton canvas exactly? It’s essentially pure cotton with a diagonal weave pattern. Cotton by itself is soft. Cotton canvas, though, is even softer because of its unique weave pattern. As a result, you should consider choosing easy pants made of cotton canvas. You can find them in other fabrics, but easy pants will offer a higher level of softness — as well as overall comfort — if they are made of cotton canvas.

#2) Elastic Waistband

You should look for an elastic waistband when shopping for a pair of easy pants. Some easy pants have a traditional and rigid waistband, whereas others have an elastic waistband. Elastic waistbands are simply comprised of an elastic material that allows them to stretch when pulled.

With an elastic waistband, you’ll be able to easily put on and take off the easy pants. The waistband will stretch with your body. It’s a subtle feature that can make a world of difference in your morning routine. By choosing a pair of easy pants with an elastic waistband, you can get dressed more quickly.

#3) Drawstring

Another feature to look for when shopping for a pair of easy pants is a drawstring. Drawstrings, of course, typically aren’t found on trousers. Easy pants, though, are an exception. Many easy pants are constructed with a drawstring. You can find the drawstring along the interior of the waistband.

Even if they have a drawstring, most easy pants still have fasteners like buttons and/or a zipper. You can secure these fasteners to ensure that your easy pants stay around your waist. A drawstring simply serves as an additional method of securing your easy pants. You can tighten the drawstring, after which you can form the two ends into a knot.

#4) Universal Color

You may want to choose a pair of easy pants in a universal color. Universal colors are those that match most other colors on the color wheel. Easy pants aren’t restricted to any single color. You can find them in dozens of colors. Rather than choosing just any color, though, you should consider a universal color.

Easy pants that feature a universal color are more versatile than those that feature other, non-universal colors. As previously mentioned, universal colors match most other colors on the color wheel. This means you’ll be able to wear them with more garments and accessories in your outfits. If you choose easy pants in an alternative, non-universal color, you’ll have fewer options when putting together your daily outfits.

Popular universal colors for easy pants include the following:

  • Black
  • White
  • Light blue
  • Dark blue
  • Olive
  • Forest green

#5) High-Quality Pockets

Don’t forget to look for high-quality pockets when shopping for a pair of easy pants. Most men’s trousers have pockets — and easy pants are no exception. Pockets add a unique visual element to men’s trousers while also increasing their utility. You’ll be able to store small items, such as your wallet, inside of a back pocket.

Not all men’s trousers have high-quality pockets, though. Some of them have cheap and low-quality pockets. This applies to all men’s trousers. Therefore, if you’re going to buy a pair of easy pants, you should check to make sure they have high-quality pockets.

#6) Lightweight Design

Don’t forget to look for a lightweight design when shopping for a pair of easy pants. The weight of a pair of easy pants, of course, can vary. Some of them are made with thicker cotton than others, resulting in a heavier weight.

Easy pants are popular because of their superior level of comfort. They are more comfortable than traditional trousers. Easy pants are soft, gentle on your skin and easy to wear. To take full advantage of them, however, you need to choose easy pants that are lightweight. A lightweight design will make them more comfortable, in which case you’ll get more use out of your new pair of easy pants.

#7) The Right Size

Like with most trousers, one of the most important things to look for in a pair of easy pants is the right size. Buying a pair of trousers in the wrong size is never a good idea. If they are too small, the trousers may not fit around your waist. If the trousers are too big, they look baggy and awkward when worn.

What size should you choose when shopping for a pair of easy pants? Brand sizes can vary, which is why it’s a good idea to choose custom-sized easy pants. Custom-sized easy pants will match your body’s dimension so that they fit perfectly.

You can order custom-sized easy pants here at StudioSuits. After choosing your preferred type of easy pants and selecting from the available design options, you can enter your body measurements. Custom-sized easy pants will match your body dimensions. The end result is a better fit that allows you to take full advantage of your new easy pants. Just remember to look for the other features listed here, including a cotton canvas construction, elastic waistband, drawstring, universal color, high-quality pockets and a lightweight design.