7 Things to Consider When Shopping for a Wool Suit

Men’s suits are available in a variety of materials, though few compare to the versatility of wool. Consisting of textile fiber from sheep, goats or other animals, it’s prized for its superior softness. Wool suits are super soft, so you can rest assured knowing that they won’t cause discomfort when worn. Furthermore, they tend to offer greater warmth and protection against the cold weather than suits made of other materials like cotton or linen. If you’re going to buy a wool suit, though, you need to choose the right type.

#1) 2 vs 3 Piece

Men’s suits are available in both two- and three-piece sets. What’s the difference between a two-piece and three-piece wool suit exactly. Like with other suits, two-piece sets consist of a jacket and matching trousers, whereas three-piece sets consist of a jacket, matching trousers and a waistcoat. You can choose either a two- or three-piece wool suit. Keep in mind, however, that three-piece suits are more formal than their two-piece counterparts.

#2) Type of Wool

Contrary to what some people believe, not all wool is the same. There are several types of wool, each of which has unique characteristics and qualities that distinguish them from the rest. Napolean wool, for instance, is regarded as one of the highest-quality types of wool on the planet. All wool is soft, but Napolean wool has a superior level of softness thanks to its exceptionally fine texture. In addition to Napolean wool, cashmere is another high-quality type of wool. It’s soft, supple and hypoallergenic, making it a popular choice of material for men’s wool suits. Napolean and cashmere wool suits tend to cost more than suits made of other, lower-quality wool, but most men will agree that they are well worth the cost.

#3) Color

Of course, you should consider the color when shopping for a wool suit. Wool can be dyed just about any color. As a result, you can find wool suits available in most colors. As shown in the photo below, gray is a popular color in which wool suits are made. Whether it’s light or dark, a gray suit offers a classic and attractive style that’s easy on the eyes. You can also easily match a gray wool suit with other garments and accessories. Aside from gray, you’ll also find black wool suits available for sale. Black is a more modern, as well as formal, color. Therefore, a black wool suit is an excellent choice if you’re trying to achieve a formal appearance.

Some wool suits don’t just feature a single color; they feature multiple colors. Striped and plaid suits, for example, feature two or more colors.


#4) Single vs Double Breasted

Something else to consider when shopping for a wool suit is the breast style. Men’s wool suits are available in single-breasted and double-breasted styles. Single-breasted wool suits have a single column of buttons on the front as well as a narrow band of overlapping fabric. In comparison, double-breasted wool suits have two columns of buttons on the front as well as a wider band of overlapping fabric. Single-breasted wool suits have become the preferred choice among most men. They offer a slimmer and more modern appearance than their double-breasted counterparts. Nonetheless, you can find wool suits available in both single-breasted and double-breasted styles, so feel free to choose the one that you prefer wearing.

#5) Buttons

What type of buttons does the wool suit feature? All suits have buttons. You can find them on the front of the suit jacket as well as the fly on the trousers. With that said, the material and overall quality of the buttons varies. If a suit features low-quality buttons, you probably shouldn’t buy it. Low-quality buttons are more likely to crack, break or otherwise suffer damage than high-quality buttons. Something as simple as putting on or taking off your suit jacket, for example, may result in damage to the buttons if they are low quality. You can avoid problems such as this by choosing a wool suit with high-quality buttons. Avoid wool suits made with cheap plastic buttons and, instead, choose a wool suit featuring high-quality buttons made of an equally high-quality material.

#6) Pockets

In addition to the buttons, you should consider the type of pockets a wool suit features. Although there are exceptions, most wool suit jackets feature two or three buttons. You’ll find a pocket on the left bottom and right bottom of the suit jacket. A wool suit jacket may also feature a third pocket in the upper left or upper right. For the trousers, you’ll find a pocket on the front and right sides as well as the front and right back.

It’s important to note that some wool suits are sold with the pockets sewn shut. There are several reasons for this, one of which is to protect against wrinkles. With the pockets sewn shuts, a wool suit is less likely to develop wrinkles. If you purchase a wool suit with the pockets sewn shut, use a seam ripper to carefully cut them. Once cut, you’ll be able to use the pockets to store and carry small items.

#7) Size

Last but not least, you should consider the size when shopping for a men’s wool suit. You can’t expect a wool suit to offer a visually attractive appearance if it doesn’t fit. Wearing either an undersized or oversized wool suit will create an awkward appearance that’s not particularly attractive or flattering. Therefore, you should consider investing in a customs-sized wool suit. With a custom-sized wool suit, such as those sold here at StudioSuits, you’ll have the freedom to specify your own body measurements. As long as you provide the right measurements, you’ll get a wool suit that fits your body perfectly, allowing you to take full advantage of the brilliant appearance and superior comfort offered by wool suits.