5 Essential Items to Keep Your Suit Looking Fresh


Whether you work in a blue-collared job or not, a suit is something that every man needs to own. When an occasion arises that calls for a formal outfit, there’s no substitution for a suit. Wearing one will create the perfect formal look while helping you blend in. On the other hand, wearing jeans and a t-shirt to a formal event will make you stick out like a sore thumb — and not in a good way!

Once you’ve made the decision to buy a suit, however, you’ll want to pick up a few other items as well. The following items will help you maintain your suit, allowing you to get a better bang for your buck. So, what items are needed to maintain a suit?

Heavy-Duty Clothes Hangers

Cheap plastic or thin wire clothes hangers aren’t going to cut it. While they are typically fine for t-shirts, sweaters and other day-to-day garments, they should not be used with a suit. The problem with cheap clothes hangers such as these is that they lack the strength needed to support the weight of a suit. Therefore, they may bend in and collapse, resulting in your suit falling to the floor.

Instead of cheap plastic or thin clothes hangers, invest in some heavy-duty wooden hangers. because of their heavy-duty construction, wooden hangers will retain the shape of your suit jacket while ensuring the shoulders remain straight and properly aligned. Some wooden clothes hangers even feature notches for hanging suit pants as well. You’ll have to pay more for heavy-duty wooden hangers, but it’s a smart investment that will help preserve the look and integrity of your suit.

Suit Brush

Also known simply as a clothes brush, a suit brush is invaluable tool that can help you maintain your suit. It looks similar to a standard hair brush, featuring either a wooden or plastic handle with thick bristles at the end. Unlike regular hair brushes, however, suit brushes are designed specifically for cleaning and maintaining suits. They contain bristles that are stiff enough to remove stubborn dirt, dust and debris, yet they are still soft enough to protect the suit from damage.

When choosing a suit brush, consider the material from which it is made. As previously mentioned, most suit brushes are made of either wood or plastic. The former is stronger and more durable, making it the preferred choice. To use a suit brush, press it against the surface of your jacket and trousers while making smooth and even strides. When used correctly, it should collect debris from your suit.

Lint Roller

In addition to a suit brush, you should also invest in a lint roller. Why is a lint roller necessary? Well, no matter how hard you try to prevent it, your suit will inevitably accumulate some dust, lint and debris. This is particularly true if you are a pet owner, as suits are a magnet for dog and cat hair. Using a lint roller, however, you can quickly and easily remove debris such as this.

A typical lint roller consists of a roll of one-sided adhesive strips, similar to tape. As you run the lint roller across your suit, it collects and hold surface debris, including lint and hair. When you are finished, you simply pull the used material off the lint roller and toss it in the trash. Lint rollers are sold at most major home goods stores for a couple bucks a piece. Because they are so inexpensive, it’s recommended that you keep at least one lint roller at home, your workplace and your car. This way you can always give your suit a quick cleaning no matter where you are.


Suit Storage Bag

Another accessory that can help preserve your suit is a storage bag. Granted, most men’s suits are sold with a vinyl storage bag — and there’s nothing necessarily wrong with using these bags as a temporary storage solution. For long-term storage, however, you’ll need a stronger and more durable bag.

Purchasing a separate fabric storage bag for your suit will protect your suit from damage while also allowing it to breathe. You may not realize it, but suits need to breathe. When a suit remains trapped in an enclosure for long periods of time, humidity may set in and damage the fabric. Furthermore, it can lead to dust mites, moths and other issues. The bottom line is that you need to store your suit in a proper fabric bag; otherwise, it may sustain damage when stored for long periods of time. Look for a storage bag that’s made of high-quality vinyl mesh that will allow your suit to breathe.

But even if you use a suit storage bag, you should still remove it on occasion. This will allow you to inspect the suit for damage and remove any dust or debris that’s accumulated on it.

Tie Bar

Also known as a tie clip, a tie bar is a commonly overlooked suit accessory. While many men disregard it as being unnecessary, wearing one can help protect your necktie from damage. In turn, this can also enhance the appearance of your suit.

Some people assume that tie bars are intended to be worn only on the tie, but this isn’t necessarily true. The proper way to wear a tie bar is to secure it to both the tie and shirt. In doing so, it secured your necktie to your shirt. So, when you bend over, your necktie remains in place. Wearing a tie bar can protect your necktie from common forms of damage, such as food and drink stains.

These are just a few accessories that can help you keep your suit fresh and clean. Most importantly, though, choose a high-quality suit from a trusted brand. Here at StudioSuits, we offer one of the largest selections of exceptional quality suits, all at unbeatable prices.