5 Common Mistakes Men Make When Shopping for a Suit

Regardless of age or occupation, every man needs a suit. A high-quality suit offers an unmatched level of formality that’s simply not found elsewhere. Whether you’re attending a business meeting, job interview, wedding, or just going out with friends, certain occasions will call for a suit. However, it’s important to choose the right type of suit, as this can help or hurt your appearance.

The wrong suit will only make it that much more difficult to create an attractive appearance. If the suit is poorly made or doesn’t fit right, it can backfire by hurting your appearance. But assuming the suit is well made and fitted to your body, you don’t have to worry about this. So, how do you know which suit is right for you? Well, you can begin by familiarizing yourself with the following suit-buying mistakes, which many men are guilty of making. Avoiding these mistakes will set you on the right path to choosing the best possible suit for your needs.

#1) Buying Trousers and Jacket Separately

Many stores sell suit trousers and jackets separately, giving consumers greater freedom to choose their preferred style. But this is one instance in which it’s best to buy the enter suit instead of the trousers and jacket separately. Sure, you may get lucky and find the perfect pair of matching trousers and jacket, though this usually doesn’t happen. If you buy the trousers and jacket separately, you’ll probably end up with two mismatching garments, which isn’t exactly flattering. To prevent this from happening, buy your suit as a whole, single unit instead of buying the trousers and jacket separately. You can still buy your shirt separately — as this doesn’t necessarily need to feature the same design/color — but you should buy your trousers and jacket together.

#2) The Shoulders are Too Big

Ask any men’s fashion expert and he or she will agree: one of the biggest mistakes men make when buying a suit is choosing one that’s too big, especially in the shoulders. You can usually tell if a suit jacket or coat fits right by looking at the shoulders. Do the shoulders rest snugly against your body? Or do they “puff” up with excess fabric and space? If the latter is true, you need to choose a smaller suit jacket or coat — one that doesn’t have this same effect.

When trying on a suit, look in the mirror to see how it fits in the shoulders. Ideally, the shoulders of the jacket or coat should rest directly against your own shoulders, without puffing up. If the shoulders are too big, you have one of two options: either choose a new jacket, or have it professionally tailored. Of course, there are other ways to tell if a suit fits, though looking at the shoulders is one of the easiest. This is why it’s a good idea to look in the mirror, paying close attention to the shoulders, before walking out the door in a new suit.

#3) It’s the Wrong Material

Men’s suits are available in a wide range of materials, each of which has its own unique characteristics and properties. Cotton has long been the preferred choice among many men. It’s soft, comfortable, easy to maintain, and readily available. However, linen is another popular choice, especially for the otherwise hot summer months. Linen suits are lightweight and more “breathable,” which in turn makes them more comfortable to wear during the summer. And for the winter, consider a thicker material like wool or corduroy. Basically, you should choose a suit material that’s appropriate for the climate/weather during which you’ll wear it. If you plan on wearing your suit during the hot summer months, choose a lightweight material like cotton or linen. If you plan on wearing it during the cold winter months, choose a heavier material like wool or corduroy.

The choice of material used in a suit will also affect how you can clean it. Certain materials can only be dry cleaned, which can make it difficult to clean. So, check the care label before buying a new suit, looking to see how you can clean and maintain it.


#4) Shopping at Local Retail Stores

Why shouldn’t you shop for a new suit at a local retail store? There are times when you may get lucky and find the perfect suit, though this rarely happens. Instead, you’ll end up spending half a day (or longer) visiting countless retail stores, only to walk away empty-handed. By shopping online, however, you can find the perfect suit in just a few clicks of the mouse. Our site StudioSuits offers one of the largest selections of men’s suits and accessories. From the comfort of your own home (or elsewhere), you can shop through our wide variety of high-quality men’s suit, choosing the one that best meets your needs.

#5) Not Getting a Custom Fit

There’s no other way around it: if you want to present yourself as looking professional and “put together,” you need to choose a custom-fitted suit. This, of course, is another reason why shouldn’t shop for a suit at a local retail or department stores. These local stores typically don’t offer custom sizing. And if they, you’ll have to pay a premium for it. By ordering your suit here at StudioSuits, however, you can specify your own measurements, which our team will use to create the perfect fit. There’s no need to waste your time shopping at countless different local stores in hopes of finding the perfect fit. As long as you provide us with the right measurements, you’ll get the perfect suit that’s fitted for your body.

These are just a few mistakes to avoid when buying a men’s suit. The most important thing is to make sure it fits, which is something we handle here at StudioSuits by offering custom sizing on all men’s suits at no additional charge.